About Us

SINO is One-Stop-Service for Turnkey projects, as you can order partial service or Integrated solution “From Sketch to Show Car”. The company is lead by Asian and European experts, with decades of experience in the industry, who set new standards in automotive industry. Equipment and the software used, output hight quality and precision, and the final service is doubled checked by Japanese supervisors. If you need more capacity, inovation or a takeover of a peripheral activities, we are Here to support!

SINO delivers in 3 distinctive ways: 

1. Turnkey Projects  – From Sketch to Show Car: cars body, interior and the smallest detail in “Real Size“, to individual component design ready for series production. Rather you need Exotic edition or High end car, we can deliver your imagination in reality. Engineered and Feasibility tested!

2. Services Export – From the very beginning we’ve been exporting design services for more than 15 years, to clients in Asia, USA, Europe & UAE. In addition to CATIA V5 we also offer ICEM Surf, ALIAS capability and physical model (foam, clay, hard & show car)– our clients easily add capacity and reduce costs.

3. Resourcing – Our experts work at our client’s office, to develop technical knowledge and adopting working standards and software needed for utilizing new service “In-House” for our Automotive clients.