This years SINO Engineering Team Building event was held at Shaoxing from 13th to 14th of May, over one of the year’s first gloriously sunny weekends. The first day had a visit to KeYan, JianHu and LuZhen, walking through the national park enjoying the view and learning about it’s history. As well as playing some of the games along the way. After a quick break at the hotel dinner was served followed by some team building games (involving some rather spectacular artistic designs).

On the 14th, after an invigorating breakfast it was off to DaYuLing, where the sun was smiling down on the group. After learning about the ancient ruler 大禹 (Yu the Great) who inaugurating dynastic rule in China by founding the Xia Dynasty and help build flood controls in China. Before we left back for Shanghai we all climbed the over 950 steps up to the top of the Hill that had a massive Statue of 大禹 (Yu the Great) overlooking Shaoxing. While we all made it up to the top in good time, the gold medal for the ascent goes to the lady who’s significant other took our team photo, who manged to ascent wearing high-heels.

Thank you to all that came, it was a great experience.

Until next time …


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