Shanghai design studio to be upgraded to achieve superior,  global standard (1) Clay models(2) Hard models and (3) Show cars

15 July, Shanghai — SINO Automotive Engineering, top specialists in automotive design and engineering, has acquired Tarus Shanghai, a manufacturer of high-quality clay models, hard models and show-cars.

With the deal, SINO becomes 100-per cent owner of Tarus’ Shanghai operations and will move to integrate its existing design, engineering and digital modelling services with Tarus’ model manufacturing capability. The new configuration will offer a complete turnkey design and development solutions, ideation to concept to physical model services.


Image 1: Fully integrated service from Sketch to Engineering release


“We’re really excited about this deal,” says Antony Ward, SINO Engineering’s owner and a trained engineer with more than 20 years of automotive experience in the automotive industry. “By integrating Tarus with SINO’s operations, the combined offering provides OEMs with a highly experienced vendor who is uniquely positioned to serve the growing Chinese automotive marketplace.”

Many automakers view China as the auto industry’s new centre of gravity. Today, it makes and sells more light vehicles than any other nation, with most analysts expecting to that market will continue to expand at a 5 to 10 per cent annual pace through the end of the decade, which includes noteworthy growth boosted by NEV (new energy vehicle) start-ups.

“These days, if you ride around in some of the leading Chinese brands, you will find sophisticated engines, turbochargers, complex automatic transmissions, and high levels of interior detailing,” writes Willy Shih on (Don’t Underestimate Chinese Automakers). “The industrial progress in such a short time is remarkable.”

With SINO’s acquiring of Tarus, the company is in position to expertly serve the industry at a time when China-based OEMs are more ambitious than ever. With its new configuration, an OEM in China can assign a complete project to SINO as single, high-quality vendor. This includes design, digital modelling, engineering feasibility and vehicle architecture and physical modelling — all in one convenient location.

“While the market growth is exciting, it presents OEMs with a number of challenges,” adds Ward. “What SINO can offer decision makers as their preferred supplier is a one-stop shop providing convenience, confidence and the ability to deliver global quality standards at a more localised price point.”

Operating in Shanghai since 2004, Tarus is a company of enduring Japanese heritage that was founded and developed by master craftsman and expert modeller Norio Kikuchi. They are renowned experts in manufacturing physical models (clay, resin and show-cars) to global standards, using Japanese craftsmanship and quality levels. What’s more, Tarus has remained dedicated to developing and nurturing in-house talent via training from seasoned Japanese experts.

Tarus Shanghai’s customer base includes GM (Patac), PSA, Geely, FAW Red Flag, BAIC and Changan, among others. Tarus’ Jingqiao, Pudong, Shanghai design studio will undergo a complete renovation as a result of SINO’s purchase, with the aim of enhancing and expanding service ability to fully serve new, global clients. Future plans additionally include a new 2,000 square metre studio and model shop designed to increase capacity.

Shop details will be announced in the comping months.


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